Saturday, November 17

they're out to get me!

take note:

1. it isn't rainy season, it wasn't even raining last night!
2. inside the house should be sanctuary!
3. after lulling me into a false sense of security (no major incidents or encounters this year), they send the big gun after me!

getting in at 1am after watching the lfs of skyfall last night, i let dooku out to go to the toilet while i waited in the front hall.  after a few minutes i called him to come in, talking to him as he ran past me and closed the front door to lock it.  as i fiddled with my keys, i turn towards the door and...

(sorry to the neighbors, adri told me they must have heard my scream up to the next subdivision)

where the **** did it come from?!?  i turned my attention to dooku as he was coming in for only a second!  and it was waaaaaaaay bigger than usual (notice it's longer than the double lock or doorknob's diameter)! and perfectly camouflaged so i didn't notice it til the last moment!

can't see what i'm talking about? click here.

and this happens just when i was thinking of writing about the cute little one living in the front yard pond! hmph.

this means war!


  1. stealth attack!!! jops had a face-attack recently din sa garage nila! =P

    1. FACE-ATTACK?!?!? that sounds deadly!
      see?!? see?!? sabihin mo kay jops kailangan namin pag planuhan itong mga attack na to.