Saturday, July 4

of frogs (and more) on a rainy night

i don't like coming home late on rainy nights because there's usually this waiting for me when i open the gate:

it's no secret that i don't like frogs hopping about. especially tree frogs that stick on anything they land on!  eeeek.  it's no help that they can jump a meter. it wouldn't bother me so much if they always jumped away from me, but strangely they seem to have no preference, a jump is a jump. sometimes they land far, far away, once one landed on my leg as i was getting out of my car.

anyway, in spite of that, i still actually like having them in the garden.  it always seems like a good sign, ecology-wise, to have frogs around (i just wish they didn't jump around so much).  so it really bothered me when my mom cleared the creeping vegetation around our small pond because she thought there were too many frogs around, and that frogs meant that snakes would soon come and eat them (guess which sibling told her that). to her dismay (and my amusement), the frogs are still as numerous as ever.  anyway, that's another story.

so anyway last night, this guy was waiting for adri and me when we got to my house.  what the hey, might as well take its picture.  it's not one of those cute green chirping frogs from the pond, makes me wonder how many kinds of frogs we do have around.

rainy nights used to mean a cacophony of different frog sounds at night, now it's not quite the croaking chorus. well, at least there's still some of them around.  i'm still on my pro-frog campaign (yes, me sticking up for the frogs) with my mom.

anyway, while we were clicking away at this unusually un-reactive amphibian, i noticed drama on the garage walls: this very confident lizard trying to size up a very big butterfly.

the butte was all ragged and weak (but i wonder why it was flying about at almost midnight?), but managed to escape from the ambitious lizard. it landed on top of the car where it died a more dignified death.

so much creepy-crawly drama in the garage on a rainy night!


  1. huwhat?! napaka-eco-related naman nito... hahahahaha! ;D
    good job! at na-document pa talaga... iLike. iLike. ;D

  2. i miss your mom and your house and your garden! :) i remember our "field trip" to the lagoon. what subject was that?

  3. ahahaha! i just love gardens and the wilder it is the better :-D dear, what you have is a Polypedates leucomystax. these are mostly arboreal and build foam nests to keep their eggs from desiccation. don't worry about the snakes. consider yourself lucky to see one. they're usually more afraid of humans than you are of them :-D

  4. hehe, dami tayong pics nung frog ah. :) nice shots, buti na lang di sya tumalon.

    the best yung butte with the party lights. :)

    show Lala the other frog in the pond, baka ma-ID nya rin. :)

  5. thanks! :)
    you document your gross ana, i document... kugn anu-ano!

  6. wow, so long ago! i think it was bio 12. i remember kas di kayo makapaniwala na i'd rather encounter a snake than a frog! di pa tayo masyadong magkakakilala nun! haha. and the lagoon was still overgrown and scary...

  7. lala!
    naku, we have at least two other kinds of frogs in the pond, ung isa ung green na nag ch chirp parang bird, ung isa pangit na stumpy with a pointed snout. i'll try to post pictures. :) re: eggs: i always thought the foamy ones were the toads' (which i hate more than frogs) and the jelly-like ones are the frogs'! naku, i don't mind pa naman pag tinatanggal ng mom ko ung foam-y eggs as part of her anti-frog campaign!
    i'm not afraid of snakes, but my mom is! kahit ung maliliit na snakes na mukha lang earthworms enemy nya!

  8. diba? nag bukas pa ng ilaw para maganda pictures! haha. at midnight!

  9. I thought the first pic is a painting. I did not realize the brown pattern is the gate. And I thought the vine is the one that you were saying that I would be able to recognize ( a host plant?) . Nice story, maybe one of those croaks is a prince. Oh, baka si Adri metamorphosed into a prince charming! Kaya Adri ang name nya, kasi yung frog adrenalized. Lundag ng lundag and swept you off your feet. Ha, ha.

    The butterfly has lived its life. Remember adult na yan and after mating and reproducing the eggs for the next generation, this one will die but the cycle will go on. Yeah, it deserves a decent death. Hmmm... even as food for predators is also a noble death, maybe better... its life served another purpose by the Creator. It is a Hypolimnas Bolina. (The camote butterfly, feeds on camote leaves). Yes, plant camote!!! To life!!

  10. ate lyds! yes, actually you will be able to relate to all photos in my post. :) the vine is my mom's jade vine, in danger of growing out of hand.
    thanks to you, adri and i were able to ID the "kamote" butterfly... yes, it would have been noble to to die as part of the food chain, pero kawawa naman!

    yes, i'll go plant more kamote now...

  11. aw. i was rooting for the butiki.
    galeng ng mga pics mo trinket. i think nakitulog ako sa inyo once na maulan and i heard the frog concert.

  12. Would love to see your garden someday. Haha! The green frog with light stripes at the back and chirps like a bird is a Green Pond Frog (Rana erythraea). These are so common that they appear almost mysteriously every time there is a new pond--even in the middle of a city or built up area. They're also edible :-P Ehehehe! The string of black eggs embedded in jelly belong to the Marine Toad (Bufo marinus). And you have seen the Slender-digit Frog (Kaloula picta) at the museum :-D

    The snakes that look like and even of the same size as earthworms are Calamaria species. Check out this website for nice herps pics:

    It is my dream to grow my own garden someday. You are blessed to have this garden and the animals you share it with :-D

  13. drop by anytimne lala! i'm always volunteering my house for club meetings, pero masyado daw malayo sabi ni boss mike! :)
    thanks for the frog-gy IDs! i found something weird about our museum frog, i'll post it here.

    baka ma-addict kakatingin sa herpwatch! thanks!

  14. Wonderful post, Trinket. I wonder why I don't see as many frogs in my mother's garden. Or maybe they're all the way back. Thanks to Lala for the froggy ID.