Thursday, August 27

avian archipelago

watching this makes me wonder why i'm indoors sitting on a chair in an air-conditioned office.


avian archipelago

produced by the philippine convention and visitors corporation (pcvc) of the department of tourism (dot)

premiered at the 2009 british birdwatching fair

Monday, August 10

neighborhood woodpeckers

These two philippine woodpeckers have been regular visitors to the ylang ylang tree in front of our house the past few days. 

The Philippine Pygmy Woodpecker is an endemic.

Before joining the bird club, I never knew there were woodpeckers of any kind in the Philippines, much less in our very urban neighborhood!

Now, the sharp trills of these tiny woodpeckers signal their presence, and I find them amusing to watch climbing up (or down) and around tree trunks, sometimes even hopping backwards!

I think these two have a nest nearby (maybe the big acacia across the street) because yesterday, they kept flying back and forth to the ylang ylang from that direction. 

Just one of the many non-maya birds in the neighborhood.  Watch out for them in your backyard!