Friday, June 15

one last hurrah

I was able to slip in a little vacation time before school started, just one last hurrah before the summer is completely over.

Siquijor (2nd time) and Dumaguete (3rd time) revisited; but did some things differently this time.  Spent the night at Coral Cay in San Juan, stayed overnight too at Forest Camp in Valencia.  Had an unforgetable Mt. Talinis encounter, and my favorite: the calm, peace and serenity of Balinsasayao Lake.

Birding was not as productive as I hoped it would be (three cheers for the flame-templed babbler), the vacation a bit more stressful than I anticipated, drank and smoked a bit more than I thought I would...

Still, friends are friends, company was good, lessons were learned and it was time truly well spent.