Wednesday, April 8

sidewalk vanity

si vir lang ang tumatawag sa akin ng twinks... (vir ikaw ba gumawa nito?)

i had to take a picture of this, my favorite sidewalk graffiti, before the mmda tore down this last stretch of wall for the road widening.  since i first saw it it always reminded me of: 1. vir; and 2. myself (of course, hehe).  too bad i only had my cell phone with me, hopefully i'll be able to get a picture of it with my real cameras.

people always ask me about my name, but i really don't know why my parents (or was it my siblings? probably my parents) decided to call me what they do.  it really isn't that far from my first name, but it's not a usual name-name (of course now people have all sorts of names, but that's another thing).  i have to repeat it several times before people get it. that's why my starbucks (or any over-the-counter) name is tricia/trisha/trishia.

(the bird in a suit is pretty interesting too, isn't it?)