Monday, July 19

Monday, July 12

the north just got nearer...

... from my place at least.

yesterday adri and i tried out the new NLEX entry and exit via Mindanao avenue... and it cut our travel time by almost 30 minutes! woohoo!

i was surprised at the underpass in front of the Splash offices on Mindanao avenue.  when i used to work at the Splash plant in Canumay at Valenzuela, it took me more than a year to memorize the circuitous shortcuts through private subdivisions and dirt roads which circumvented the toll fees of the NLEX. now the 2-3 lane concrete road (expandable for sure) can take you from the old "end" of Mindanao avenue to the NLEX exit (a couple of kilometers before the Valenzuela exit) in under 10 minutes! (of course, you still have to pay the 36 peso toll fee, but at least it doesn't make use of too much gas running into EDSA traffic or too many brain cells trying to remember the route!)

now i can avoid EDSA altogether when traveling up north via private car. that means subic has become an even more accessible birding destination!

eventually the mindanao avenue-NLEX link will be continuous with the C5 all the way to the SLEX... and so i'd better enjoy the light traffic while i can!