Monday, July 19

goodbye emily

1997 - 2010
emily, the sweetest and happiest dog ever.
thanks for all the wonderful memories.
you were my favorite.
wait for me at the rainbow bridge em.


  1. i'm thinking about you and hope emily's memory will live on. there's nothing more amazing than what you've had with her. it's priceless.

  2. sorry to hear about emily and charlie.

  3. once we had a dog named "jumbo". i was 12 when he passed away. jumbo was 17. he was old, and expired in a corner.. we were all very sad.
    then came "drago", named after the "dragon" bruce lee..^_^ drago was an intelligent dog. you can just tell when a dog is intelligent and smart. he died from accident. we all cried everytime we remember him. even the hardest of the hearts, tatay, would stand up and go to the kitchen when everybody sheds a tear. i was 17. we had "george" the wire haired terrier when i was 25. he got "dognapped".
    at 34, we had "kidlat", a mongrel-beagle who was the "playboy" in the campus. he would vanish in a day, and come home bruised. we guessed it was over a girl-dog again. but he showed his contentment with his macho posture and playfulness. he was always full of energy. kidlat passed away of maybe of heart failure.. kidlat had a kapatid we named "kulog". he was also "dognapped".
    then came "midnight" a very small black mini pinch-poodle crossbreed, who wanted to "rule" the campus, but always bullied by the askals.. sleeps away his frustration under the car, and played wildly when we get home.
    now we have a well protected, spoiled mini pinchz we named "kofi". she's just the darling of the house, and beth is her master. very jealous.

    dogs add life and excitement (but sometimes worry) in the house. but i think God created dogs to bridge man and animals together.

  4. thanks gigi, peng, ka rene, mel and paolo. emily lived a good, long life and died suddenly and quietly... problem-free till the end. :-)

  5. did she have kids..or hmmm..naging mommy b sya?^_^

  6. so sorry to hear that she's gone. :(

  7. thanks kitty, and abby. naka-ka miss talaga.
    @ka rene: yes, she had one litter, but i'm "in touch" with only one of her offspring that outlived her... maxi, who lives with my brother and his family.

  8. Aaw... I know how it feels. We had a black Lab and everyone just loved him dearly. He was with us for 14 years and I still feel the loss. He was cremated and his urn is in Batangas.

  9. Thanks so much to all for your sympathy.
    The loss of emily is so sad, but the happiness she brought us during her life was even greater.