Wednesday, November 21

if you can't beat them...

see how pretty you are if you stay outside in/on the pond where you belong?!?

the next night after the frog at the door incident, jops and maia dropped by to pick up stuff for the birdfest and while we were chatting outside in the dark, the frogs began chirping right beside us.  when jops shone his light on the pond, there were at least four frogs chirping their hearts out, and two of them in the process of adding new little frogs to the world.

later that night, adri and i  clicked, clicked, clicked away.

now how to tell the frogs to stay there...

1 comment:

  1. Super nice shot! Next time, the not-so-handsome frog naman =P I'm curious to see how it looks up close =P (thanks for the link!)