Tuesday, October 20


sunrise from the 18th floor... the mountains of hsinchu.

today in class i sat next to the window because that's where the electrical sockets were (and my laptop battery is now good for only about 30 minutes or so).  that turned out to be a blessing "in da skies" (literally).  outside the window is a ficus tree laden with ripe fruit.  constant bird calls kept me distracted (and awake) from the mostly physics- oriented lecture on micro/nano fluid dynamics.

during the lunch break i stepped out of the building to have a better look and got 2 more taiwan lifers:

lifer #3:  light-vented (chinese) bulbul
lifer # 4: japanese white-eye

by the way lifers 1 & 2 were:
#1:  black drongo - perched on electrical wires last sunday from the taoyuan airport
#2: oriental turtle dove - saw 2 on separate occasions from the bus in the science park.

i caught a glimpse of some mynah (but only saw the white spots on the wings) and a raptor, also while on the shuttle, but they were brief flybys so i couldn't get enough for an ID.

more to learn and see tomorrow...


  1. while in palawan, ikaw at si adri naiisip ko everyday when i see birds. i was certain you both could name every single one of them :D including the other animals and the plants in the area. i saw a pawikan while we were moving to another island!

  2. hi trinket. what are you doing there? so out of touch. but hope to catch up with the birders soon! :)

  3. hi kitty! i'm just here for a 2 week workshop. busy, busy sched... no time to bird except through the window!
    missed you during the birdfest! see you soon!

  4. how nice your up so high hahaha at least kahit through the window may lifers parin! winner. we miss you here, especially a certain lonely boy that is going on a hunger strike! hahaha

  5. ay grabe. ang mga kasama ko di na nga birder, di pa beerder. at student na student ako, 830-500 ang class! haha. 1 week pa...