Tuesday, October 27

on the bus from downtown

i've been cooped up in an air-conditioned hotel room and an air conditioned classroom (and during the weekend, in an air-conditioned bus) for too long!
with no agenda in particular in mind except to get some air and stretch my legs, i asked eds and glenn if they were interested in going downtown after class. i think they were feeling a bit of cabin fever too, so they quickly agreed.

we actually just walked around, mostly did window shopping.  most of what's here's in manila also anyway.

we caught bus number 1 back to guang-fu road at 9pm.

it still amazes me that school kids here head home from school so late!  eds says that most of them have after school co-curricular (note: CO-curricular) activities like extra classes or tutorials, so they end at around 9pm.  9pm!!!  and back to school at 7am the next day.  i can't imagine.  anyway, the buses are filled with schoolkids at that hour.  imagine coming home from school later than your parents who come from work.  well, actually now i wonder what time parents come home from work...


  1. school girl ba yung nasa harap mo? ang late na nila umuwi. baka hindi na sila lumaki...

  2. yup, school girl yan. nung isang araw ko nga napansin, halos lahat ng taga dito naka salamin! ang dami din optical shops everywhere. sabi nga ni eds ay puro 800+ ang grado ng mga tao dito.

  3. ate trinket! i mishu! :) pwede magtayo ng eye center dyan!