Wednesday, March 28

signs of summer at candaba

I was at Candaba last Saturday afternoon and signs of summer were everywhere. The dirt road was wide and cracked and dry and the heat seemed to penetrate through my clothing and skin. The last of the migrants could be found on one side of the big pond: Garganey and Northern Shovellers. Philippine Ducks outnumbered them, in

numbers that will suddenly dwindle in the coming weeks. I wonder where they (the Philippine ducks) all they go? It's as if they were just in Candaba to welcome the visitors and catch up on the latest chismis. (Now, there's another Pinoy trait to humanize them to add to the list). Do they go on summer vacation too?

Beside us, jumping around the thorny undergrowth of the camachile, a Clamorous Reed Warbler made quite a racket but made no effort to fly away. When the
migrants go, the locals start nesting I guess.

And what would come in the midst of all this heat? A summer storm of course. Rain that came in big, heavy drops. I took my time walking to Alex's car and was soaked by the time I got there. The summer sky, blue and filled with clouds, dark and light at the same time, was beautiful over the green rice fields.

The rain didn't last long. Just long enough to muddy the dirt road and make the air even stickier than before. Just enough to jump start the Zitting Cisticolas into ziit-ziit-ing above the palay, enough to make a Lesser Coucal come out to sun itself. Just enough rain to create a rainbow (no, a DOUBLE rainbow!) that stretched from end to end on the horizon, inspiring oohs and aaahs.

And as the rain clouds scattered, rays of sunshine shone through and played light-and-shade on the landscape.

It's summer! Soon everything will be parched and summer rain will be a welcome relief.

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