Monday, March 5

butterflies... and birds... and bugs.

Lydia arranged the very first butterfly watching activity for Paroparozzi ( last Saturday at Boso-boso, Antipolo. Armed with cameras of all sorts (and binoculars), bird watchers became bug watchers. Of course there was no lack for food and drink. I'm sure we could have stayed overnight and not gone hungry!

It's great to be in the company of people who enjoy natural history! I know it isn't for everyone to spend hours on end watching insects and birds... sitting motionless or crawling on grass or perched in some precarious position. How I wish I could have such focus and patience for all other aspects of my life!

Boso-boso Paro-parozzi (starting from left, standing): Alex L., Alex T., Mae, Adri, Wency, Tina M., Felix, Tina A., Anna, Tere, me!, Ixi, Lydia (not in photo: Orly)

Haha, I hope Lydia won't mind my saying but the highlight of the trip for me was seeing a pair of grey-backed tailorbirds hopping around a bamboo thicket! Not a lifer for me, but a great view of a hard to spot bird. (The highlight could have been a shot of the tiger-patterned lycaenid which I have tried to photograph twice before: in Boso-boso and in Caylabne. I got the picture, unfortunately, the lighting was all wrong).

Strangely, the activity was pretty draining and at the end of the day I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open. It could've been the weather, it was quite humid. Signs of summer fast approaching.

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  1. Ah trinks, after all, most if not all, are members of the Wild Bird Club and Phil. Bird Photographers Group. I guess God must have arranged that some days you people don't see birds so you take time to appreciate the butterflies. In my case, to wait for a year for a foreign butterflynut to come and accompany me is too unbearable for my addiction. A week a year will kill me! Not enough dose. I'm glad I found the predators! Hah! I have to camouflage as a birder to survive.
    But by now I think they know that I am that butterfly specie that can be detestable. (Untouchable) He, he. Di naman. Mimicking only the toxic specie sometimes for survival. :D But truli-li, this is one set up where birds and butterflies get together happily. Keep watching. te lyd