Thursday, March 29

i see you!

Can you see them?
Aren't they adorable?  These 2 baby zebra doves peeking out of their nest kept us entertained during Caylabne's Las Casa de Cala Buena open house last Sunday.  The nest was on a small tree just beside our table.  Mom and Dad would come every couple of hours and these two very still creatures would suddenly wake up in a burst of energy, mouths agape and threatening to fall out of the nest with with their impatient activity. As soon as mom and dad leave, they fall back into their cozy home, immobile except for little blinking black eyes peeping over the edge of the nest.


  1. call me stoopid but i can't!!!! looks like dry wood to me. help! are they green or brown?
    (baka meron kang adobe photoshopped version na may labels?)

  2. No no no! No Adobe Photoshop for you Ms. low EQ.
    They're brown and you can only see one's black eye with a white eyebrow peaking from behind the branch and just the top of the head of the other one.

  3. bwiset. e magic eye nga di ko makita, ito pa?
    aha! now i think i can see the eye and head. sneaky little bastard. i suppose the other one is behind the branch?
    hehehe. i will photoshop for future viewers. post mo dito ha. :P