Sunday, September 6

On being green

Strangely this season, I have not been seeing too many of the jumping tree frogs (Common Tree Frog Polypedates leucomystax) which usually terrorize me during the rainy season. Sadly, I think my mom's efficient removal of foamy frog eggs from the ponds and bird baths contributed to their almost disappearance from the garden.

The tree frogs were quite prolific, as you can see.
Here, 3 males attempt to fertilize the larger females eggs which are placed in a foamy ball at the edge of the pond.

In their place now we have green frogs (Green Paddy Frog Hylarana erythraea)  adorning our ponds, chirping away into the night.  Cute as they are though, these frogs are an introduced species, unlike the native tree frogs.

More colorful frogs now in the pond: a green paddy frog.

I am less intimidated of these green frogs who do not have the propensity to "jump towards you when frightened".  These tend to stay in place, much like ornamental decorations placed strategically on a rock or lotus leaf.

They're out even in the heat of the day, when the tree frogs have taken refuge in the dark and wet corners of the garden.  Once, I was watching a tiny lycaenid butterfly on a flower pondside, only for it to be quickly whipped up by a sticky tongue, straight into a green frogs mouth!

A green paddy frog and a sun skink sunning side by side.

I don't know where they popped in from but they are now taking advantage of the ponds to multiply. Their eggs are jelly-like balls submerged in the water, suddenly appearing in the morning as if out of nowhere.

Eggs of the green paddy frog, newly laid (above) 
and already starting to develop into tadpoles (below).

Mom (?) looking over the newly laid eggs.

The ponds are full of tadpoles now, and hopefully they will complete their life cycle and we'll start seeing miniature green frogs around.

Tadpoles are starting to outnumber the guppies in the pond!

I do miss the tree frogs though.


  1. Replies
    1. But how?!? I hope they bounce back (literally and figuratively!)

  2. Live life cycle in your front yard! =)

    1. Hopefully it will go all the way around... and again!

  3. Replies
    1. Uhm... I don't think so. Tadpoles too big. Dunno though when they are just hatched.

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