Sunday, April 5

A Field Guide to the Birds of Anvaya Cove

A while back, Anna G. asked if Adri and I were interested in writing for a field guide for the birds of Anvaya cove.  Of course we were!  We had been to Anvaya several times to help out the Beach and Nature Club Staff in guided trips for guests, residents and members.  It's great that the Ayala Land Group are actively considering native flora and fauna in their projects, hopefully it will be a trend for all local land development companies.

Congratulations to the entire team which brought this project to life on a very tight timeline!  Thank you to Tina S. and Mike A. of the Philippine Bird Photography Forum and Manny I. of Ayala Land Premiere for their generous contribution of their beautiful bird photographs.  

I wrote about the project on the bird club's monthly e-newsletter ebon.  Read more about the project here:

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