Sunday, August 4

nightjars up a mango tree

we were first tipped off by  wbcp-er and nigs faculty allan about a pair of philippine nightjars roosting on a mango tree on a busy corner of the campus.  we finally got a chance to see them several weeks after, during a short up birdwalk requested by my sister-in-law.  

2 v iews of the nightjars up the tree: a great lifer for my sister-in-law, brother and niece!

there was no difficulty at all spotting them. sitting quietly on the branches of a small mango tree.  we were able to show them to my sister-in-law, my niece an my brother. we even got to show them off to a couple of regular weekend joggers.

last week, we were able to show them to visiting birder rob, who was passing through the country and had a single free morning to bird.  he was pleasantly surprised by the ease of the sighting. when we told him that we could show him a pair of sleeping nightjars at the university campus (we had spent the morning birding at lmep), he had initially thought that it would involve searching through some tall grass! it was in the middle of the week, the hustle and bustle of students walking around didn't seem to disturb the sleeping birds at all. 

the nightjars (you can see one partially through the leaves on the left)
 still up the mango tree 2 and a half weeks after our first sighting

sleep well nightjars! 

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