Thursday, July 25

a snake in the garden

there was quite a commotion in our household last week when a snake was spotted in the middle of the garden. it had been chasing down a rat (and had probably caught it!) and ended up in the grass looking at us.

a snake in the grass!

while the rest of the household were on automatic kill mode (the typical reaction to a snake), adri and i jumped in to interfere, extolling the vermin-exterminating virtues of the snake. fortunately, at least one of the household had witnessed it, so everyone else eventually gave in and decided to leave the snake alone.

while we were relieved, it was still pretty scary having a more-than-meter long snake in the backyard, especially if it turned out to be a venomous one.  with the help of our friend drew, it was identified through our pictures as a rat snake, pretty much harmless if left alone.

still, over the next few days, an occasional sighting in a pot or among the trees would bring out a sharp squeal from the spotter. i probably would react the same way! 


  1. Good thing you and Adri were there to "save" the snake! Would like to see a meter-long rat snake soon! =)

    1. Yes, I hope it has gone back into hiding now that it's digested its meal. Much safer for it to be un-seen! But I will be sure to tell you if it makes its presence felt again!