Tuesday, March 26

pink flowers in the month of march

albert hall at jacinto corner lakandula street was part of my regular routine for more than a decade. by the driveway and parking lot (parking was not so much of a problem yet then!) was a palawan cherry tree. it showered the driveway with pink flowers as the school year ended and summer started. for several years i would search for seedlings at its base, and constantly ask our all around maintenance man, mang lito, to try to grow me a tree from seed. we never succeeded at either.

i've moved on to katipunan from up, and i'm delighted that i still get to see pink flowers in march (or april) annually. in front of miriam college are two palawan cherry trees, not as large as the one at albert hall, but just as pink!


  1. Oooh! May bago akong hahanapin sa Katipunan =)

  2. Search for Palawan in Katipunan. Makapunta nga bukas.