Thursday, March 14

an unexpected backyard bird

like a sudden storm, the end of the school year wreaked havoc on my birding adventures. with the workload piled high, there was very little time for me to bird (or much else!) the past month.

so it was a relief for me to have the morning free, and sit down to enjoy the fresh air of the backyard.  since losing maggie, backyard birding from the terrace has not been the same, and with the strange brown shrike this year, i have hardly paid attention to the backyard birds.

while adri & i were discussing a possible roosting tree for the neighborhood nightjar which we had been hearing daily at 5 am, a familiar twittering came from macopa tree.  the fruit-laden macopa was right beside the rambutan, which was just starting to flower. it seemed that the colasisis were enjoying the crunchy pink fruit in season.  as we tried to spot the green parrots amid the foliage, it suddenly went quiet, and the twittering moved to our neighbor's ficus across the street.

our neighbor's ficus is also very popular with the birds, that morning a pair of black-naped orioles were chasing each other noisily in the canopy.  finally,  adri caught sight of our little parrot.  very chunky and had ... no tail?

and it wasn't a colasisi.

it was a guaiabero!

definitely a new bird to add to the backyard list!

such a pleasant surprise to round up the last few weeks of the school year and usher in the summer!


  1. Cool! Congrats on the +1 backyard bird! =)

    1. thanks maia! now i have to listen very carefully to the parrot twittering! i used to just assume they were all colasisis.