Thursday, June 9

metro manila: the big picture

it's been a VERY, very busy summer for me!

my summer teaching load was quite heavy, with more than a hundred students from 2 classes,  so this summer has barely provided me with breathing space.  i did go to pinatubo at last, and had a short trip to subic (more on that in later posts... hopefully!). 

after summer classes ended, it was right on to the second quarter of my biosafety course.  it was a full 10 days for our class, working right through sunday and travelling all around manila for various lab visits. luckily, we were housed at the very scenic and relaxing eugenio lopez center in antipolo.  everyday we were treated to a wonderful view of the entire metro manila... from laguna bay across to manila bay!

on good days we would see the changing weather across the metro, observing that it was raining in quezon city but sunny and bright in alabang!  on some days it would be rainy in antipolo and our visibility was reduced to zero!

seeing metro manila daily from a distance reminded me that i live almost everyday under a grey cloud of smog which envelopes the metro like a heavy, sticky shroud.  early in the morning, the highrises of ortigas, makati and alabang would hardly be visible under the smog, becoming clearer as the day progressed and the smog lifted and swept away. i say ALMOST everyday, because last sunday we were greeted at lunch time with a wonderful view of a smog free metro manila: its buildings bright and clear against a blue sky.

the difference?  i guess sunday means less vehicular traffic meaning less pollution!  it was a beautiful, beautiful sight!

i suppose we must count ourselves lucky that our landscape is relatively flat and winds can easily blow away the smoky and dusty air.  it gives me hope also, that, with change (& this applies to me too!), we can live in a clean city!  

as dusk falls, the twinkling lights of the city turn on and the pollution is hidden in the darkness of the night.

stepping back and looking at the "big picture" can definitely provide views and insight which one cannot see when one is right smack in the middle of everything.


  1. Awesome shots! Where is it on Google Earth? Can you post a KMZ?

  2. thanks!
    wait... give m some time to figure out that KMZ thing...


  3. Ang galing! You captured God's art work - smog included :)

  4. Ganda, trink! i miss the smugginess of manila!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss you and adri a lot too! I hope the school year started right for you :)

  5. kitty! we miss you too!!! when are you coming home? start of the schoolyear = busy, busy! hope to see you soon! in the meantime, nakikitingin nalang ako sa fb ni adri to update myself on your goings-on.