Thursday, June 23

mariposa in the city

how i started this rainy day..


  1. Isn't that an Atlas Moth? Why don't you post a picture in the Biodiversity group? I used to get those in the house I used to live in in BF Paranaque a long time ago.
    Great shots!

  2. Hi Ixi! Yup, it's an atlas moth. I think this is it's caterpillar (seen in PICOP!):

    Don't laugh: I can't post a picture in the Biodiversity group because I'm not on facebook!

    We used to have them too here in Quezon City, but I haven't seen one in a loooooooooooong time!

  3. As someone said... (I forgot who!) Get a life! Get on facebook!!!! Hahahaha... I'm on facebook kasi my kids are on it and I can follow them there!