Saturday, September 8

A bulbul nest at our window

I love visiting our friends Peter and Indira who live up the hill!  They have a beautiful home surrounded by greenery and wildlife.

On my last visit last March with Melanie, we were greeted every morning by an inquisitive Ashy-fronted Bulbul at our window.

On our second morning, we figured out why...

There was a nest with 2 baby bulbuls in it!

The photo above was taken while Melanie and I were standing on our bed, window open and curtains drawn, both of us playing contortionist, trying to find a good angle.

When we went outside to view the nest from there, we found the parent pair busy taking turns feeding the young ones.

How great is it to have a pair of busy bulbul parents attending to their young in a nest outside your bedroom window?

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