Friday, May 20

Have figs, will feed

On our raptorwatch weekend trip up north, we were able to squeeze in a short visit to Jelaine and Lala's field study site. The site was mostly agricultural lands with patches of secondary forest. We were not only rewarded with views of perched Grey-faced Buzzards, but a trio of fruiting fig trees revealed some prize birds also!

Fig trees heavy with fruit, coupled with careful inspection and patient waiting, can bring in a bonanza of birds!

Migrant Brown-headed Thrushes actively flying around in the canopy of the trees. They are always a delight to see as they are not so commonly sighted.

Guaiaberos blended in quite well with the foliage, looking like chubby, brighter than normal, green leaves. Only their sharp calls gave a clue as to where they were.

Philippine Green Pigeons flew back and forth from a nearby leafless tree. They took turns feeding and resting, and we observed a huge flock of around 42 birds!

Joining the green pigeons in their feed-rest routine were three Coppersmith Barbets.  They would pok-pok-pok-pok loudly from their perches.

Soon, a quiet pair of Luzon Hornbills joined the feeding frenzy. They were quiet a contrast to the riotous and noisy Yellow-vented and Philippine Bulbuls.

I was quite sure there had to be a White-eared Brown Dove somewhere. After a few minutes of searching, I finally spotted one!

Fruiting fig trees - always a good harvest for both birds and birders!


  1. That was a good spot to bird in! =) Hooray for fruiting fig trees! =)

    1. Yes, very productive for less than an hour! :-)

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    I was wondering if it would be okay to use just one photo of green pigeons and coppersmith barbets for an article about more eco-friendly tourism? We will add your name and a link to the post in the photo’s caption as well. :)

    Let me know if this is okay. Hope to hear from you soon!

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    1. Hi Rissa!

      Great to hear from you. Sure-ly, you may use the photo you mentiones. I'd appreciate the link very much. Sorry for the late reply!