Tuesday, April 26

Eksenang peyups

At the start of the month of April, native plant enthusiasts in Quezon City were all abuzz with news of the UP Diliman Salimbobog  tree (Crateva religiosa) in bloom.

I first found out about this tree when I joined a tree walk organized by the Philippine Native Plants Conservation Society (PNPCSI) waaaay back in 2012. It was introduced to me by a less flattering name Balai Lamok.  I was amazed at how strikingly beautiful it was in bloom - a play on pastels: pale yellow, pink and lavender.

Adri and I couldn't resist and dropped by the UP Lagoon one afternoon after work to admire its beauty.  We only had a few weeks while the flowers lasted. 

The flowers must be pretty sweet too, there were all sorts of buzzing insects hovering about. A particularly showy Papilio butterfly flitted about the top blossoms.

I can only imagine what a grove of these native plants would look like in full bloom!  I hope the city planners or private developers take notice of this lovely tree.

And since we were in the area, we crossed the street to check on how the fire which razed the Faculty Center a few days before might have affected the popular Philippine Nightjar celebrity.

There it was, sleeping blissfully at the same spot.  Fire? What fire?

(I only hope that future rebuilding will not adversely affect this trusty, dependable local.)


  1. Super beautiful your closeup of the Salingbobog flowers!!! =) =)

    1. Thank you Maia! The flowers are undeniably beautiful to begin with :-)