Sunday, May 17

Grown up and ready to go

I've had a grand time this summer observing the Philippine Pied Fantails and Yellow-vented Bulbuls raising their chicks!  I've lost track of the bulbuls, but a few weeks ago I took one final family snap shot:

You can see that several weeks after leaving the nest, the young ones are still begging their parents for food.

In the meantime, one of the young fantails is still following its parent around the garden.  And even when I can't see it can still hear it perpetually haranguing for food.  One is constantly being followed by the other. In the late afternoons, parent and child even take a dip in the bird bath together.

We've also spotted several other indefatigable parents feeding their almost-adult offspring around the yard:  Olive-backed Sunbirds, Philippine Pygmy Woodpeckers and of course the ever-present Eurasian Tree Sparrows.

With the young birds soon venturing off on their own, I hope they are just as successful at raising their own families next season.


  1. Your garden is so awesome!! We'll visit again soon with Loki =)

    1. Thank you Maia! Yes, please do visit us soon, we're looking forward to that (especially Dook!)