Saturday, August 11

sunshine at last

the news kept on saying that it was not a typhoon or even a tropical storm, "just" a nameless annual habagat, the southwest monsoon rains exacerbated by some storm approaching china.  with the horrors of ondoy, we moved our cars up the street, rolled up our carpets and prayed for the best while bracing for the worst.  while the backyard turned into a lagoon tuesday and wednesday, our house was spared.  unfortunately, most of metro manila, central luzon and nearby provinces of rizal and laguna in the south were not, and the floods came again.

our backyard turns into a lagoon!

on thursday, the rains finally let up, and on friday there was more sunshine than there had been the past 2 weeks combined!

the skinks i had been recently associating with sunshine finally showed up, sunbathing on the front walk as expected.  they seemed to have survived the floods intact ( i actually saw one climbing up our concrete fence as the floods rose wednesday afternoon... i had never seen one climb a wall before!)... i counted three of them sunning: 2 giants and a slightly smaller one.

witht he sun, the garden suddenly came alive... butterflies fluttered around, and birdsong sounded from the trees: bulbuls, white-eyes, tree-sparrows and our backyard  pied fantail must have missed the sun even more than myself.

and at the backyard... a pair of olive-backed sunbirds! what better bird than that to welcome the sun?

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