Monday, April 16

another noisy LTS at my window

a noisy chattering at my office cubicle window made me look out.  sure enough, LTS junior was making a racket, begging its parent for food.  the adult (codenamed einstein by sir raffy s) immediately flew off at the sight of my face in the window (as if he wasn't used to me after all these years!), but LTS junior just stared at me.

took my point-and-shoot out and took these crappy photos (p&s will never focus where i want it when it counts, notice the perfectly focused grass!) through the glass. LTS junior just stared back at me. just as i opened the window to attempt better photos, our secretary's voice booms behind me, "anong pini-picture-an mo ma'am?" startling both myself and LTS jr.

oh well. good to see another generation of ateneo LTSs at my window.

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