Saturday, February 25

NOT our backyard brown shrike

backyard brown shrike was never able to establish her territory clearly enough this season, and in the past couple of weeks seems to has disappeared completely. the last time i saw her, she had built up enough bulk to (hopefully) safely back home. i do hope that she is on her way, and that would explain her non-presence.

in the meantime, a stranger brown shrike has taken over the backyard.  my mom insists it's the same one, but i KNOW it's definitely NOT backyard brown shrike.


well, backyard brown shrike DOES NOT hang out on the clothesline stick, gurgling and chirping a happy melody...
backyard brown shrike does not pretend to be anything but a cold-blooded killer on the prowl.

backyard brown shrike WILL NOT eat a cockroach!  not even impaling it on the lime or rose bush!
backyard brown shrike prefers a diet of frogs, lizards and baby birds.


backyard brown shrike WILL NOT have her picture taken at flowers!
backyard brown shrike does not like flowers or anything with bright colors that might give the impression that she is not a cold blooded killer.

note: this post is not to be taken too seriously.  today was too boring.

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