Sunday, November 27

a model bird (literally)

today i finally got to visit this yearly visitor to the msi!

we had failed to find the narcissus flycatcher at the library (yes, quite a belated attempt since the first report almost a month ago). we had carelessly lost sight of a philippine hawk-cuckoo at the nismed. 

it's a good thing this guy's as predictable as old faithful.

he's my first (male) blue rock thrush for this season (several weeks ago, i spotted a female in my neighborhood for another backyard record). my first blue rock thrush ever was seen at the same spot 6 years ago!  same goes for adri. coincidence or not? could he be one and the same year in and year out?!? 

whatever the answer to that question, the msi thrush is loved by photographers. left profile, right profile, head on, back view, perched straight, stooping, eating, pooping, regurgitating, on  a branch, on the grass, on the sidewalk, on the driveway, on a lamp, on the roof, on the wall... you name the pose, there's some picture of him in it out there on the net! this is probably one the most photographed bird in the university!  never was there a more cooperative and dependable avian model!  adri got to practice his digiscoping, and i got to practice using the long lens.  we were even joined by lydia who slipped in a little bird photography time before church!

i hope to have several more encounters with this guy for the rest of the season! and i look forward to seeing his growing portfolio as well.

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  1. astig!^_^ hehehehe my regular visitor near my office havent shown up this year yet. he loved the thicket,but i guess, due to the feral cat prowling, he thought it better to go higher or go where it's safe..