Monday, October 10

langgam paluparon!

i had never missed a birdfest before and i didn't want to miss this one!  so against better judgement (and possibly a crime against the earth), i hopped on a plane to dumaguete on saturday morning just to spend the weekend and to catch the last day of the 7th philippine bird festival!

the festival this year was held on the grounds of historic silliman university, in the beautiful seaside city of dumaguete.

the mood for each birdfest has been unique... and true to the setting, i found this one quite laid back and relaxed. 

i think the best thing i look forward to each birdfest is meeting friends, old friends and new. it was another chance to share birding stories and a love for our wild feathered friends and the earth we share. langgam paluparon, lasang palambuon! (birds in the wild, help forests thrive!)

the birding adventure philippines booth

budding artists at peter sutcliffe's very successful art booth!

what a large feather that is! learning about raptors at the arrcn booth!

the indefatigable astro -birders: henry, dennis, rose & vincent  (plus karen o., james b. + 1 and mark jason a.) manning the wbcp booth

asian birdfest - from davao to tainan

body painting contest

kids - the constant factor at all pbf's!

and even in the short time i was in dumaguete, i got the chance to go birding. a spotted wood kingfisher spotted at the centrop and was fast becoming the star of the day. a few minutes away by tricycle, who could resist? after all, the spotted wood kingfisher was not a bird you could see so easily (and this race was endemic to negros and panay!)

drew, adri & i hopped on a tricycle with our bins and scope, and spent a good half an hour at the center enjoying great views of a very friendly kingfisher. not a bad first bird to baptize my new bins and to try out digiscoping with the new scope!

hello there mr. spotted wood king fisher!

testing the new stuff... thanks to swarovski for sponsoring bap!
(& to drew for taking this picture)

a very accommodating kingfisher!

when i checked the time stamp on my camera, i realized we had spent 33 minutes birding (or should i say.. twitching?!?!?) at centrop. what a coincidence, i spent exactly 33 hours in dumaguete!


  1. thanks mel! salamat din sa pag-adopt sa akin sa dumaguete...

  2. E sino pa ba gagawa nun kundi tayo tayo lang. ;) adopted din ako e. haha lucky 33!

  3. Wala bang like dito? :) Missed that SWKF! A reason to come back!

  4. hehe, walang like dito eh. dun nalang sa advertisement ni adri. :-)
    SWKF! only one of the reasons to go back! hope you enjoyed siquijor too!

  5. haha may pic pala ako with the astrobirders sa merch booth! ako endorser nila ng bird stickers :o)