Thursday, August 4

tiger cats!

as carmela said in my previous post "if you plant it, they will come..."

finally, after 3 long years since i received my birthday cats from lydia, we got Danaus chrysippus caterpillars on our ivory plants!

last night when my brother came to pick up my nieces he said, "you've got caterpillars on your ivory plant. better get them before mom does." i was so excited that i checked it out first thing this morning when i woke up.


four little caterpillars were happily munching away! a big one, 2 medium sized ones and an itsy bitsy one!  they were threatening to munch away my mom's tiny ivory plant (we had to plant new ones, all the old one died after the floods).

i quickly sent ramil to the neighbors to ask for branches of the food plant (they had much larger ones) and we transferred the cats indoors.

keeping my fingers crossed that we'll have beautiful orange tiger butterflies emerging in the next couple of weeks!

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