Tuesday, April 19

Be sure to check them out before they leave…

(cross posting adri's blog entry from the birding adventure philppines website: www.birdingphilippines.com/2011/04/18/be-sure-to-check-them-out/)

Local birders – go to UP Diliman now.

Be sure to check out this uncommon migrant – an Oriental Cuckoo, feeding on caterpillars in an Acacia tree in the University of the Philippines Diliman. This individual will be probably stay in the area for a few days more – fattening up with juicy worms for its long travel back to its breeding grounds.

check out this Grey Streaked Flycatcher:

And this gorgeous Blue Rock-thrush in the Marine Science Institute grounds

Be on the look-out as well for nesting Coppersmith Barbets, Colasisi and Pied Trillers.

It is so nice to have a birdy site close to the city!

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