Tuesday, February 15

a sunset cruise on manila bay

i have lived my (almost) entire life in metro manila and yet there are sooo many things i haven't seen or tried.  one of them is the manila bay sunset cruise.

i finally got the chance a few weeks ago, a dinner organized for my biosafety training workshop.  it was a pleasant experience ... live music, the sunset, and a slight sea breeze blowing (but the dinner itself... ergh... let's just say, had a lot of room for improvement).  we cruised from the folk arts theater at the ccp complex to the sm mall of asia, down roxas boulevard to the manila oceanarium. this time of the year is probably best because the weather was perfect (although we missed the famous manila bay sunset because of the clouds), and the water calm.  the lights of manila by the night masked the hustle and bustle of the metro. very morantic.

i suppose it's best to take the cruise during sunset, not only because the city is prettier by night light, but also because it paints the sea a flat black, and you can't see the pollution!  interestingly enough, each time the ship passed through a "wave" of trash, we noticed that the green luminescence of marine microorganisms shone the brightest!

the whole trip lasted 2 hours, and we were back docked at the pier behind the folk arts theater. the entire thing cost 550 pesos, something to try out especially for residents of manila. at least i can place that experience int he "been there, done that" category.

(we took the sun cruises m/v spirit of manila, the boat in my picture was the other company's - forgot the name!  couldn't take a picture of our own boat obviously, while i was on it!)

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