Tuesday, September 7

care for invasive species with that?

kuya ramil was carefully snipping of the whiskers of the very fresh river shrimp(lets) my mom had bought from the market when he asked me, "gusto mo ng janitor fish?" sure enough, in the half kilo of very fresh, still jumping shrimp, he had found 4 baby janitor fish, 2 still very much alive, inspite of being out of water for probably several hours.

it makes me wonder just how much ecological havoc these creatures have caused in our rivers and lakes.


  1. thick armor + arborescent (?) organ + lack of predators + non-discriminating diet = survival advantage :-\

  2. That's ok. Doesn't hold a candle to one of the worst invasive species ever to hit this country - tilapia.

  3. haaay... invasive species... kumakalat na ang mga janitors na yan, buti sana kung nakakalinis talaga, hindi naman, nakakasama pa