Tuesday, November 17

camaro for dinner

last night, after a day of not feeling well and attending three-fourths of a research symposium, mom texted to ask me if i was having dinner at home.  to which i answered "yes".  i had forgotten the logistics of getting home past 7pm via jeepney (plus having to drop by a grocery store)  and adri and i were figuring out whether it was faster to walk or to take several jeepney rides or to just take a cab.

anyway, when i got home, my mom was waiting for us with a dinner treat: camaro for dinner!  camaro - not the car, but mole crickets!  adobong camaro... yummy.

camaro is a pampangueño delicacy.  in season, the crickets come out of the dry ground when the farmers stamp the fields with their feet.  the crickets are caught, wings (and a few legs) pulled out (other parts as well i suppose), then it's straight to the pot to make adobong crickets.

ok, so mole crickets cooked with vinegar and toyo might not be for everyone.  it was definitely not for me when i was much younger!  my mother had made the mistake of describing the taste of camaro as "it's good!  when you bite it a creamy, tasty fluid will come out". not exactly the  description you would tell visually-oriented persons.  of course i would describe it as:  very tasty. like crunchy, tasty adobo. or simply: mmmm... yum.

excuse me while i fish out a cricket leg caught between my teeth...


  1. haha. sarap ng camaro!

    ano ang next? :)

  2. Wow! Yummy! I have yet to try home-cooked camaro! They have a version in Abe's, but I bet your mom's version is better!