Friday, September 4

noisy bird at my window

when the weather is gloomy and the morning rainy, the long-tailed shrike from the parking lot keeps warm at our office aircon vent.  everytime it does this it makes quite a racket.  this morning it was right outside my cubicle. it took a curious look at me (looking back at it):

and decided i wasn't worth his attention, turned around and went on preening and making chirpy-gurgly sounds.

i love these ateneo shrikes. i should go around the campus one morning and take photos of them. i've seen them on top of st. ignatius' head and on his sword in front of the m.o., on mama mary's head in the marian prayer garden and perched on all sorts of signs, bars, and even the football goals. project!


  1. sayang ang dumi ng bintana nyo. :)

    i-project nga natin yan.

  2. oo na. madumi bintana namin. sa office yan ha. di sa bahay.
    :- |
    he was back again this morning, may video na ako.