Wednesday, October 29

small BUT...

such a tiny and plain bird, hard to believe it stirred up so much excitement and intense birding from our foursome (ixi, nicky, felix & i)!

it's sightings like this that suddenly make you forget your tired feet, hunger, the awful weather, the slow birding (and your desire to pee!).  we jumped up and down, ran around like mad and felt like downing bottles of beer to celebrate. birdwatchers are a crazy breed.
(ashy-breasted flycatcher: philippine endemic)


  1. Endangered na ba ito or sobrang rare kaya mahirap makita?

  2. yup digiscoping. iba na ang maganda (napakaganda) ang scope ng mga kaibigan mo. :)

  3. Hi trinket. Did you see the fella in Botanic Gardens? There's a spot there where we've been seeing it early this year. Congrats!!

  4. Rare sya, so it was a pleasant surprise to see it in a place (where we always bird) for the first time.