Monday, September 15

back to reality...

last week i was looking at this in the peace and quiet (and rain) of sabang

then it was back to the city for a few days filled with the (always energetic) birdfest

and this morning I'm back to this:



  1. drew!!!! why weren't you there?
    boss nicky, adri, alex, tere and arnel are still there till thursday guiding 6 foreign delegates. ixi and mel are witht hem too.

  2. welcome back to reality!!! LOL
    iSay postpone the exams... JOKE! let's get it done and over with... ;p
    kere lang 'yan... you'll get the feel of work naman kaagad ulit...
    SemBreak isn't that far away... it's nice to look forward to something!

  3. huhuhu... baka miss na kasi ako ng mga students ko eh. hahaha! ;)
    nahiya naman akong mawala ng matagal. mas priority ko ang "real" work.

  4. uy promega plasmid prep kit ba yan?
    welcome back :)

  5. awwww.waaah! i am also back in manila.
    but going to cebu, mandaue and talisay tomorrow.
    doncha worry...basta!
    lovely shot of the palawan hornbills!