Sunday, August 10


Triggered by Ma'am Miren's upcoming retirement, we've been exchanging AMOR (slash MBGRL) lab memories.  We've been having good laughs (I can imagine all of us laughing out loud in front of our computers by ourselves) remembering the make shift sofa bed from the PCR machine packaging, drinking (and more) in the lab, ma'am Miren's (in)famous one-liners, alien-busting nuns, progress reports, "favorite" RAs, etc. etc.

Shali sent these picture of their batches' field trip to SEAFDEC in Binangonan circa two thousand ewan.

I remember walking on the floating fishpens!  Check out Flo's haircut and try to spot Adri (and yes... see how much weight i've gained since then). Haha!

walking on laguna lake

seafdec binangonan tour c/o flo

lunch at balaw balaw, angono

(All of a sudden I'm itching to drive the laguna bay loop...)


  1. Ma'am Miren's retiring?? May send-off ba or something?

  2. Wow, this seems like ages ago! Thanks for posting the pics. I've forgotten the name of the restaurant where we all got to eat snake meat so at least now, I'll know where to direct people when the topic comes up.

  3. aieee! snake! i must admit it tasted like chicken.
    and yes, i was giggling in front of the computer remembering everything.

  4. Brazen ka sa Retirement Party ni Ma'am Miren! :-)
    Ikaw lang ata ang nagsabi na sarcastic yung mga remarks niya pagdating sa mga lab meeting ninyo. "Talaga noh?!"
    Pero mas matapang pa rin sila Peng at Vir. Hahaha...

  5. teka teka ano itong mas matapang si peng at vir???? ano nangyari sa retirement party? update! update!
    kungsabagay, malamang mas matapang kami, kasi mas malayo hehehe.