Monday, June 2


53.57 pesos to a liter of unleaded gasoline!!!
After a peso increase each week, this week it was suddenly a peso and fifty centavos.

Should i drive less (should i walk more?) Should i hitch rides more (should i drive by myself less?)  Maybe i should drive my normal routes and give up other expenses. What, what should I do? WHAT?!?

Wow.  When will it end?  I dread waking up on Saturday to see how much gas prices have increased. 

Reminder to self: gas up on Fridays.

It now costs my car about a thousand pesos to get 200-250 km around or out of (and back to) Manila.

Argh.  ARGH.


  1. Grabe no, sister? So kamahal mahal na talaga ng gasolina. ;P

  2. hehe better transfer it to LPG, although LPG price is still rising and the bulk in your trunk ha.

  3. Trinket, same here in the U.S. (Now $4.19 a gallon). That's why we're limiting our birding sorties to places close to home na lang. Hay naku.

  4. Nakakahilo at nakakangilo ang pagtaas ng presyo.

  5. joskoday. nung nagdadarive ako dati, yung P50 enough na yon for 1 day of gas.
    lakad ka na lang trinket. hehe. nagmahal na rin ba ang dog food?

  6. yes peng, nagmahal 2 months ago, at nag mahal ulit last month. mamaya bibili ako, nagmahal nanaman kaya?!? buti nalang at oldies na ung 2 fur-kids at mataba naman si maggie, hinahaluan ko na ng kanin (oo, nagmamahal din ang bigas, sya nga ang nanguna dahil sa "rice shortage") and pagkain nila.