Saturday, November 3

a week in palawan

I'm back from (almost) a week in Sabang, Puerto Princesa.

I absolutely love Sabang!  The beach, the mountains, the forest, the rivers and the streams... what else could I ask for?

Stayed 6 days & 5 nights at a cottage on the beach at Taraw.  Woke up at 5am, had breakfast (I miss the vegetable and cheese omelet already!), went nature-tripping, came back for lunch, took afternoon siesta, went out again and returned for dinner and to chill out and in bed by 9pm.

It was absolute bliss. 

Funny how familiar you get with the people and the place in a few days. Small town, regular routine.  Every hello and good morning and smile is returned. How very comforting. 

And of course the birding!  Got a few more Palawan birds on my list: Javan Frogmouth, Hooded Pitta, Palawan Blue Flycatcher, Blue Paradise Flycatcher. Tabon Scrubfowl, Common Iora, Crested Goshawk, Common Flameback, Large Hawk-Cuckoo, Fiery Minivet; most thanks to Nicky (bird guide extraordinaire!).  Plus, several great upgrades from the last trip:  sooo many blue-headed racquet-tails, yellow-throated leafbird, black-headed bulbuls.. and of course... the palawan peacock-pheasant!  The birding was extremely fulfilling.  My bird list never fell below 35 species everyday!  and not once did I spot a eurasian tree sparrow at Sabang!  Still... some birds were a no-show to us, and I still have several reasons to go back... slaty woodpecker, stork-billed kingfisher, and now, even if babblers were never my thing, the falcated ground babbler (after Nicky made us walk through that only to have complete silence in response to playback, I feel I HAVE to see it).  Note on the peacock:  it was absolutely beautiful.  Makes me realise how poor my glimpse of it was last time in the low light.  Out in the open, responding to coaxing, it reminded me of the fur-kids!  It was amazing.  How I wish it had a mate to keep it company, and not just those chicken-y scrub fowl.

It was my third trip to Sabang, each trip progressively longer than the one before, and I'd still welcome any chance to go back. Before I left for Palawan I had dinner with the F-8ers and also dinner with the MBB kids.  Of course the former couldn't understand my attraction to Sabang (Richie just had to say "no electricity" and I could hear the groans), and the latter could imagine, but were all busy with work and family.  I'm definitely not a Boracay girl, and while I wouldn't say no to a weekend in Bora, I'd gladly exchange the pristine white sand and the tequila shots and the dancing for the wild waves and quiet, star lit nights and long bumpy road to get there.

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  1. Ahhh!!! Inggit ako! Kelan pa kaya ako makakapunta ng Palawan? :(

  2. I feel the same about Sabang!!! I think it's one of the best places i've been of my favorites too. I didn't get to do much birding while i was there though...but I saw the palawan peacock pheasant and the huge monitor lizards. And since i've never birded in Subic, Sabang is where i've seen my first Blue-Naped Parrot! Pagbalik ko ng manila, punta tayo!!!!!!! please?!!! :) The drive to Sabang from Puerto and back is also one of the most scenic drives ever!!!

  3. I know what you mean Kitty!
    Also, I birded Palawan before Subic too, so I got the blue-naped parrot and my dollarbird as lifebirds there too! Relate na relate ako.

  4. Let's go back Trinket! I love Sabang too! I liked Taraw , the food was surprisingly good! Yes, I miss the vegetable and cheese omelet too! Great pics!

  5. wasn't it in sabang where you left 2 dogs? did you get to see them?

  6. no peng! my dogs are in guimaras at isla naburot. got to see them last year... enjoying the beach bum life. i think i'd like to be a beach dog in my next life.

  7. ay ibang beach pala.
    i agree. gusto ko din maging beach dog basta ikaw ang owner ko. or si jackie.