Wednesday, May 23


mom arranged Sunday lunch for the entire family at concepcion last sunday. the pond was full of big fat tilapia and the mangoes were dripping with the second harvest of the season. the house was in a sorry state, but clean enough. such a shame the house isn't livable anymore. 

the kids had fun running around the open space and teasing the cows and the goats. i hardly remember the few summers i spent in the farm. i was the youngest of the cousins and didn't get to spend too many vacations in the province. still, i have memories of giant hay stack slides, of little frogs in muddy carabao footprints, of a large bedroom filled with a row of beds, of hitting pili nuts with a stone, of hito harvest season and fruit laden duhat trees, of climbing up to the pigeon house to hear soft coos through the wall.

i definitely grew up a city kid, but i'm glad i have these memories.

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