Monday, January 22

2 years in the making

After two years of planning to do it, we finally got it done!  George's sailboat has finally been relocated from Punta Fuego to Anilao.  Jackie and I felt so fulfilled.
Last Saturday, Adri, Jackie, Marvin, Fesca and I started out with lunch at Tagaytay, spent two whole hours in Punta Fuego watching Edgar tie the boat to the top of the Trooper, had halo-halo at Aling Celing's in Nasugbu, and finally got to Anilao just as the sun was setting. Road trip!

Yesterday, Jackie's neighbors Ted and Raul excitedly set up the sailboat (two hours worth of knots undone in 15 minutes) and off they went!  That boat must've been so happy to be finally floating on top of the sea.  Happy sailing!

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