Sunday, September 16

Birthday Bathing Bulbuls

A few weekends ago I celebrated my nth year in this world with lunch with my family at home.  Our dining room faces the backyard and we noticed a commotion in the backyard bird bath.  The heat and humidity was almost unbearable and several bulbuls were lining up to take a quick dip!

Of course they were their usually orderly selves and lined up to take turns at the bird bath.  Even if the bath was quite spacious for a bulbul, they only went in one at a time!

As soon as one bird stepped up to the rim of the bath, another quickly stepped into the water and splashed around.

From the rim they would fly up to perch on the nearby branches to continue flapping and shaking dry.  All around the other bulbuls would patiently wait their turn.

At most there were maybe 16 bulbuls lined up!

The most we could get in one frame was 10 bulbuls though. Can you count them in the photo below?

Several years after having installed the first of many bird baths in the yard, I still get a thrill when I see a bird splashing in the water. Always glad to provide some refreshment to my feathered neighbors. And I was happy they dropped by during my birthday lunch as well!

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  1. Wow! This will be my inspiration to have a successful bird bath somewhere in the future hehehe =)